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Store Rotation: Bones


15.04.2020 - “Shitty raps forever”

Store Rotation: Bones

Major labels are literally fighting for Bones in their quest of finding the next "white rapper" following MGK or Mac Miller. He vehemently rejects a deal, though: Bones does not want to expose himself to the constraints of majors. He’s a stranger to the endless need of reinventing yourself to stay “relevant”, to put it in major label terms, as he is to the greed for profit of todays music industry. Born January 11, 1994, as Elmo Kennedy O'Connor Bones grew up in Howell, Michigan with his mother, a designer and his father, a web designer. He often cites their unconditional love and support as one of the main factors of his success, even after he dropped out of high school aged 16 and moved to his older brother Elliot in LA, now his manager.

“Everybody is anti-label. People just get dicked all the time.[…]It’s just all piss. All that label shit is embarrassing. And all these kids are fucking themselves.” (Bones)

Since then, he has been making music as T @ Kid, Bones and under other names, releasing 56 mix tapes and around 100 music videos just between 2011 and 2017. You get his vibe. Combining elements of hip hop, metal and hardcore and visualizing them with videos shot on an old VHS camera, Bones creates an oeuvre that is one of the most unique in the biz. Many have tried to follow in his footsteps, many have failed. What he calls “Sesh”, we might call “internet rap”, or “soundcloud rap” for that matter, and Bones has pretty much pioneered that genre. He paved the way for artists like Suicideboys, Lil Peep (R.I.P.) and others, all while not caring about anything at all, really.

Bones doesn’t see himself as a pioneer, even if everybody else does. He doesn’t see his music as anything special, even if he has become a cult hero of the underground rap scene. In his mind, everybody’ got songs in them, he just was lucky enough to be enabled to follow his instincts at an early age. He, that’s for sure, has *a lot* of songs in him. Releasing as TeamShesh, a loose collective of artists, and lately a lot with Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis, Bones never seems to run out of steam. And what’s better than an artists that never leaves you waiting on the next release? We’ve spun a lot of Bones, TeamSesh, Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis over the years, so it only seemed logical to move the spotlight onto the real underground for a bit. Check out our updated playlist below and make sure to tune into all of videos (and we mean all of them).

“I just think we’re the only ones that don’t care about calling ourselves pioneers. We don’t care about anything. All these people care about — I mean, everybody cares about what people think of them, but we just care about the music.” (Bones)