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Store Rotation: Luke Hess


29.05.2020 - Detroit in its essence

Store Rotation: Luke Hess

Detroit born and bred, Luke Hess stands for a new generation of techno producers that originated in Detroit at the end of the nineties. Together with Omar-S, Seth Troxler and Ryan Crosson, he’s one of the figureheads of the third wave of musicians to continue the city's musical legacy from Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Anthony Shakir in the 80s, Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Underground Resistance in the decade after them.

“I think all of our natural surroundings, including sound, scream that there is a creator.” (Luke Hess)

His music carries a deep, stripped down character and takes you down a dubby stream of hardware induced sound wizardry. With his productions, Hess clearly sets himself apart from the tough school of his youth. Being born in 1980, he has been socialized through illegal techno parties in the mid-1990s. The Detroit School of hard knocks. Jeff Mills and Robert Hood on the turntables, curating a sound that is defined by loop patterns, influencing a whole generation after them, of which Luke Hess should turn out to be one of the most skilled artists.

“I treat analogue equipment like God treats me. I find them broken, abused, and hanging out in the dumpster, and I restore them, give them true purpose, and help them achieve what they were meant to achieve.” (Luke Hess)

The traditional and modern Detroit have a harmonious appearance in the work of Luke Hess and he approaches his productions the same way. Where traditional techno artists seem reluctant to use software as a helping hand and the new age generation of producers often completely forgoes the use of analogue equipment, Luke Hess finds a way to blend both into his craft. Software as a sequencing tool helps him to keep track of his ideas, using software as somewhat of a sketching tool. Hardware on he other hand gives him the opportunity to really dive deep into his productions and to finish them in an immaculate manner.

Luke Hess music is one of outrageous quality. He’s an absolute must-hear artists for everyone even remotely interested in electronic music. Stream our favorite tracks of him below and feel free to dig deeper. Much deeper. It’s worth it.