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Directly from the source


24.02.2020 - HNTA - the Blog

Directly from the source

Welcome to our own little backroom. Here we present you the latest news from around the scene, tech, movies that we liked, stuff that we talk about, things that we do and the music we play in our store. Through weekly installments as well as breaking news we will try to give you sneak peaks into what's to come, impressions from around fashion weeks and fairs, and offer you a fast lane to knowing what's up. If you have ideas for features or other stories, just hit us up.

We've now been around a few years and are starting to really grow into this thing. Starting out as a small concept store project of a couple Berliners, we have gradually moved towards being more than just a store. We aren't just offering clothes, or shoes, or accessories, we're offering a perspective on contemporary fashion and high-end streetwear. To accomodate this further, we felt like we needed to channel our ideas more, and here we are. As the HNTA family grows, we grow, and this blog is something from us to you, to participate, to gather insights and to inspire.

Thanks to all who made this journey with us and to all who will join along the way. We're opening a door to a new part of the HNTA experience and we couldn't be happier to be here. Onwards and thank you for your support!


The HNTA Team