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Julius SS20: [ Afangar; ]


14.05.2020 - A dialogue on the fragile connection between humans and nature

Julius SS20: [ Afangar; ]

Humans and nature are at a crossroad. Never have we been so detached from the planet we live on, never was nature in such grave danger. “Afangar”, the title of Julius’ SS20 outing, means “hybrid” in Malagasy, the national language of Madagascar, and within the collection offers a dialogue on the fragile connection between humans and nature, the way we influence each other and the fragile interdependence between one and another. Horikawa and his team created a rather abstract line of clothing that hits on every level. Advanced fabrics (as usual), an incredibly harmonious color palette and silhouettes that invoke a feeling of natural presence.

The composition of the collection is impeccable. Where many designers fail at telling a comprehensive narrative with their clothing, without giving too much away through simple minded prints or obvious statements, Tatsuro Horikawa excels. Each piece is unique in itself, yet it fits right into the sublime story told by Julius SS20 as a whole. You can feel the story of each garment just by looking at it, while never feeling overwhelmed by stereotyped messages. 

Look for the collection to hit the shelves soon and make sure you put out some feelers for it. It’s more than worth it. It is maybe our favorite collection by the Tokyo powerhouse so far and a sign of things to come. Horikawa and his team have been going from strength to strength lately and they’re not looking as they intend on slowing down. Julius always had a strong draw for conscious fashion fans around the globe and they’re certainly expanding their fanbase of late. On to the next one!