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Rhude SS20


25.03.2020 - Rhuigi Villasenor flaunts Californian laissez-faire on the Paris runway

Rhude SS20

Rhuigi Villasenor isn't your ordinary fashion designer. He didn't attend Central Saint Martins, he wasn't an intern for Junya Watanabe and he's not a part of the high fashion "overclass", at all. Rhuigi studied art history after graduating from high school. He has no formal training in fashion design. What he has, though, and it shows in every single Rhude piece, is an impeccable understanding of garments and construction.

After establishing Rhude in his hometown of Los Angeles in 2013, he kept on, well, keeping on. He tirelessly honed his craft, developing Rhude from an high-end street fashion label into an internationally acclaimed runway powerhouse with a hype-machine to boot. Spot his garments on LeBron James, ASAP Rocky, The Weeknd, Bella Hadid, or basically any other contemporary celebrity.

Rhude SS20 was the first time Villasenor took his talents to the Paris runway, and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Titled “Seven Falls”, the collection oozes aesthetics of the American west and combines Rhude’s well known street fashion staples with advanced runway pieces. Building on the foundation of seven years of trademark work, the label’s signature pants with the already famous yellow drawstrings combine with finely worked ponchos and two piece combos that will make you want to ride right into the sunset.

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Rhuigi’s spring/summer 2020 outing showcases an impressive development from a young high end streetwear brand into a proper runway fashion label that is here to stay. Offering shades of a contemporary Wild West with beautifully tanned leather, equally beautiful denim work, western shirts, buckskin boots, you name it. Villasenor demonstrates how far he has come as a designer in a stunning way. Rhude SS20 is a true show of force and a statement to the fashion world that the new kid on the block is packing heat.

Of course, Rhuigi didn’t forget what made him famous. You will marvel at his Americana-induced prints on a wide range of everyday pieces, crafted with care and an insane eye for detail and quality. In true form, the branding genius never swerves, but draws a red line through a large collection that never has a dull moment. Keep an eye out for Rhude SS20 to drop soon at HNTA and drop us an email for pre-order inquiries!