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Tobias Birk Nielsen SS20


25.02.2020 - COIL 50/10000

Tobias Birk Nielsen SS20

Tobias Birk Nielsen isn't your ordinary Scandinavian designer. Where other designers and brands embossed the kind of sleek and minimalistic "Scandinavian look" into our collective memories, Tobias and his teams are out to break with that perception in the best way possible and their SS20 collection, named "COIL 50/10000", is no exception.

Tobias Birk Nielsen SS20 works as an honest comment to the system of fashion, where designers were encouraged to embrace the industry with through a love-hate-relationship. It highlights the ambivalence every fashion company and designer faces: The ever present rift between being a business and being creative, the small, nearly inexistent, path between keeping the wheels turning as a brand and the necessity of deceleration in order to step out and truly create as a designer.

Displaying a modest note to the persitent robotic side of the industry of fashion, Tobias Birk Nielsen's SS20 outing takes a utalitarian approach with progressive cuts, advanced fabrics and big pockets. Really big pockets. Anyone who's already liked their AW19 collection, and we loved it, will absolutely adore what's to come. The collection ranges from classic t-shirts and hoodies, over more advanced shorts, pants and jackets all the way to super contemporary bag solutions and harnesses. 

The collection is crafted with self-developed dying treatments and prints through technical Korean fabrics as well as harmonious Italian cloth. We're excited to have the guys for another season and hopefully many seasons to come.