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Ambush Design - Jewellery and Apparel from Shibuya, Tokyo

Ambush started out as a jewellery line in 2008 and has since made quite the strides as a fashion label. The label was founded by the designer due Verbal and Yoon, who is now head of jewellery at Dior Homme. Soon after establishing themselves as a true sleeper of the jewellery scene, they expanded on unisex apparel and quickly received worldwide media attention. Ambush as a creative outlet are impossible to pigeonhole: Vintage Americana meets hip-hop influences, while rock aesthetics collide with a minimalistic approach to accessory design.

The quick rise to fame of Ambush

After setting up shop in Tokyo’s buzzing fashion district Shibuya, Ambush witnessed a quick rise to fame. Their experimental line of jewelry, especially the iconic and trademarked POW motif, received extensive media coverage around the world, and not long after Yoon and Verbal were named among the 500 most influential people on the international fashion market by Business of Fashion. The same year, 2015, they debuted in Paris in 2015 and didn’t look back since. After making Business of Fashion’s top 500 again in ‘16 and ‘17, AMBUSH were also among the 8 finalists of the LMVH Prize in 2017.

Ambush at HNTA Berlin

As the leading store for Japanese high fashion and high end streetwear in Berlin, including Ambush in our portfolio was really a no-brainer. We are carrying a wide selection of accessories, jewelry and apparel by Ambush and will continue to do so as long as Verbal and Yook keep on busting out one sure shot collection after the other. Explore Ambush at HNTA Berlin now!