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Cottweiler - New Modes for Contemporary Living

It all started on a school trip to Paris. While in college, the Designers behind London-based Label Cottweiler, Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty, got to know each other during a field trip to the French Capital. After having graduated, the friends discovered a shared passion for a certain style of contemporary clothing, that wasn’t yet available in stores. This was 2012, the same year they founded Cottweiler, based on the idea of creating sportswear fashion, that goes above and beyond the mere expensive reproductions of known sportswear styles by the big fashion labels at that time. Cottweiler were trailblazing.

Putting the “suit” in tracksuit

Cottrell and Dainty do genuine menswear and that’s really what Cottweiler boils down to. Cottrell has vast experience in tailoring and that’s to be felt in every Cottweiler piece. They achieve a somewhat unisex transcendence in their clothing, mixing simplified silhouettes with meticulous detailing and technical fabrics. At the end of Cottweiler’s design process stands sportswear that stands out. The monochromatic colours and sleek tailoring really put the “suits” into tracksuits.

Cottweiler at HNTA Berlin

Can we call it a match made in heaven? The aesthetic of Cottweiler suits our understanding of contemporary menswear perfectly and after managing to get the guys into our portfolio, we were sure we wouldn’t let them go anymore. Cottweiler’s mixture of athletic apparel and high fashion is truly unique in today’s market and represents one of the few creative outlets that are still pushing the boundaries of menswear. It’s avant-garde, it’s minimalistic, it’s futuristic and we love it. Explore our whole Cottweiler selection here at HNTA!