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Hamcus - Industrialism as a Look

Chinese brand Hamcus is rather new in the cosmos of utility-driven brands, yet they are already delivering quality collections at a frightening rate. If you are into straps, buckles, multi-purpose, technical fabrics and even more technical clothing, you will absolutely love the guys. Deploying practices only known in true workwear circles, each Hamcus collection presents a distinctive vision on fashion and what clothing has to achieve.

A lot of everything, in the best way possible

Hamcus apparel really is a lot. A lot of ideas, a lot of vision and last but not least a lot of quality. Each piece hides it’s own set of secrets that you will discover during wear. Hidden pockets, detachable parts, adjustable straps and futuristic buckles combine into clothing that is vastly different from your ordinary tech-gear. The team at Hamcus takes pride in delivering the utmost utility while transporting a look that fits into no particular drawer, but draws inspiration from many places.

Hamcus at HNTA

We’re suckers for utility and seeing Hamcus’ clothing, we just knew we had to have it. Adding the brand to our portfolio was really a no-brainer and even in our diverse portfolio of rare brands, they still stand out. You will always remember your first Hamcus piece and when we discover a brand like that, we do everything we can to bring it right to your doorstep.