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Julius - Japanese Avant-Garde by Tatsuro Horikawa

The Japanese avant-garde label Julius is the tentative flagpole of designer Tatsuro Horikawa’s creative career. After founding his first design company Third Stone Co. Ltd., which still serves as the umbrella for Julius, in 1996, he followed it up with the creation of his first fashion project, Nuke, just a year later. Nuke was a rousing success story but only lasted some four years. The label had to make way for an art project to present audio and video presentations for fashion collections and art shows in 2001. This art project was called Julius.

Julius the fashion label

After Julius’ inception as said art project in 2001, Tatsuro Horikawa quickly build it into a full fledged fashion label with Julius presenting their first full collection in Tokyo in 2004. The Spring/Summer 2004 collection was presented at the Tokyo Collection together with a range of video and audio projects by the Label. Inspired by the collection, Horikawa followed the show up with a presentation of paintings and abstract art pieces that inspired his clothing line. The design language of Julius, and Tatsuro Horikawa in general, is a rare fusion of art and fashion into clothing and footwear that meshes perfectly with his knack for putting a techno vibe into Japanese avant-garde fashion. Julius doesn’t just make clothes, they contribute to the lifestyle of individuals, rather than just being a part of their wardrobe.

Julius at HNTA Berlin

When the chance surfaced to add Julius to our portfolio, we did not hesitate a second. As one of the most unique and accomplished artists in all of fashion, Tatsuro Horikawa already counted us as fans when he was still doing Nuke. Julius really put the cherry on top of his work with Nuke and we’re more than happy to be able to carry a label as artistically deep as them. Explore our selection of Julius online or in store and make yourself a fan of Horikawa’s outstanding work, too!