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Rebellion, Music and Tribalism - Komakino London

If you read “Komakino” and your first thought is Joy Division, then you’re damn right: Founded by Italian-born and London-based designer Federico Capalbo, his label got its name from the famous 1980 Joy Division single. The London label is one of the “outsiders”, an outfit that draws inspiration from and operates way outside the usual realms of contemporary fashion. Capalbo sees fashion as something that has to do with identity in the first place, a feeling if you might. Therefore, it is defined by outsiders through its connection to subcultures, a theme that is reflected by every single Komakino garment.

Komakino at the intersection of youth culture and counter culture

Browsing a collection by Komakino, one of the first things that stand out, is a youthful spirit, a spirit of rebellion, with many countercultural aesthetics that amass to clothes for true individuals, outsiders, if you want to call them that. Komakino’s collections take inspiration of all corners of youth and counter culture, be it Japanese Cyberpunk, David Cronenberg films or just the creative audacity of letting distinct utilitarian and militaristic elements clash with Savile Row like tailoring. Komakino are always on the front foot.

Komakino at HNTA Berlin

The aesthetics of Komakino fit our philosophy like a glove. Absolute premium garments that speak a distinct design language, collections that are ever changing and a rebellious, youthful, spirit, that is expressed through every single Komakino piece. Their approach to designing a collection is truly unique and you won’t find many labels where you could tell the exact season of every single garment right from first sight. Explore our collection online or stop by the store to get a feel for yourself!