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Mastermind World

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Mastermind World - Japanese Streetwear Extraordinaire

It’s been over two decades since Tokyo born and bred designer Masaaki Homma founded Mastermind. After having worked numerous years for Japanese avant-garde legend Yohji Yamamoto, Homma decided to celebrate fashion his own way, with his own label, then Mastermind Japan. Back then, though, his now iconic skull and crossbones logo was ever changing. By his own account, Homma drew over 1000 designs until he found the now famous logo of Mastermind. Having shown in Paris over the course of three years, Mastermind Japan went on to move into foreign markets when Maxfield LA brought the brand to the US.

Mastermind gaining traction outside of Japan

It didn’t take long for Homma and his label to hit the ground running the US and Europe. His distinct design language quickly garnered a cult like following around the globe. Between 2002 and 2010, Mastermind Japan dropped one acclaimed collection after the other until in 2011, Homma dropped the hammer: He announced that he would discontinue Mastermind Japan’s collection and instead would focus on collaborations, beginning with Mastermind’s 15th birthday. Suffice to say, the countless collaborations with brands like A Bathing Ape, Hublot, Moncler and many other were a banging success.

Launching Mastermind World

In timely fashion, for Mastermind’s 20th birthday in 2017, Masaaki Homma revealed Mastermind World, an official world-wide division of Mastermind. Mastermind Japan and Mastermind World now function side by side and back are the seasonal collections by Homma. The ever so legendary skull and crossbones are back on brand new garments all around the world as the ever so limited collections keep on being heavily sought-after. The future looks bright for Homma and his brand.