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Rhude - Not your ordinary street fashion label

Rhude was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles by Rhuigi Villasenor. Having immigrated from the Phillippines as a young child, Villasenor grew up in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles. Contrary to what one might think about a Calabasas childhood and youth, though, money was sparse, so Rhuigi started to make his own clothing, encouraged by his mothers tradition of making her kids uniforms herself. It all started with a bandana themed t-shirt and soon went up like a rocket. Originally, Villasenor didn’t even want other people to wear his stuff. He just wanted to look unique. At a time where he couldn’t afford to wear the hype brands and didn’t want to wear bootleg like many others, he created the now famous bandana t-shirt. Being friends with Chris Stamp and Guillermo Andrade, from Stamp’d and 424 respectively, certainly helps and soon, Kendrick Lamar came across the t-shirt. He then wore it in black and red versions for the BET awards, and you probably have a fine guess on what happened next.

Rhude, the hype machine

Everyone wanted it, Rhuigi didn’t want to produce it. After being talked into doing it by Stamp and Andrade, though, he exploded onto the scene like few since. The brand expanded from tees to a full line and is now seen on the likes of LeBron James, Asap Rocky, Bella Hadid or Offset while being sold in stores around the whole world. Rhude isn’t your ordinary street fashion brand, though. Where many brands just plot prints into oblivion, without really conveying a design language, Rhuigi and Rhude manage to transport a cohesive image with their collections.

Rhude as a stylistic microcosmos

Rhude oozes Americana and their collections are true play on pop culture. Marlboro innuendos, graphics that invoke a decades old American marketing language, all the way to N’Sync references, Rhude is a microcosmos of style. Having now developed from a hotshot street fashion brand to a full fledged runway powerhouse, the sky really seems the limit for Rhuigi and his team. In his own words, he went from “stretching ten bucks to making a hundred racks over night on PayPal”, and that was some years ago. Rarely have we seen a hype brand with so much depth and potential. And we’re happy to have them.