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Tobias Birk Nielsen

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8 Item(s)

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Tobias Birk Nielsen - Danish Delicacies

Copenhagen-based designer Tobias Birk Nielsen founded his namesake label in 2016 and has been conquering the fashion world since. Operating out of the Danish capital, the label stands for technical fabrics, progressive cuts and an eye for utility. All garments are made in Italy to ensure the highest quality standards.

Tobias Birk Nielsen oozes Modernism

Their designs catch your eye. With a color palette somewhere between concrete and the clouds, the Danes transport a kind of brutal modernism in their clothes that makes them stand out in pretty much any wardrobe. The fabrics aren’t fooling around either, each piece, even a jersey t-shirt, has a distinctive feel about it that will make you fall in love the moment you touch it.

Tobias Birk Nielsen at HNTA

Once we had the opportunity to meet the people around Tobias Birk Nielsen and get a look and feel for their collections, we were over the moon. Tobias Birk Nielsen and HNTA are like chalk and cheese and the brand slots perfectly in our portfolio, while also reflecting our beliefs when it comes to fashion: Design, quality and effort are what makes clothes special. Tobias Birk Nielsen combine all of that, and then some.