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Dear Customers, all products and services provided by STAHL ONE BERLIN GMBH (named in current Terms and Conditions HNTA®, “we”, “us”, “our”) as well as use of HNTA® website and online shop, are subject to the present Terms and Conditions.

If you choose to use any products or services provided by S HNTA®, visit our website or online shop, you are thereby agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. HNTA® possesses the right to modify and update current Terms and Conditions accordingly. Therefore we firmly recommend reviewing these Terms and Conditions regularly. Latest updated version of these Terms and Conditions can always be found on www.hnta.de.

HNTA® is the trade name of STAHL ONE BERLIN GMBH with registration in Berlin, Germany. Our registration number is HRB 147418 B. Our registered address is STAHL ONE BERLIN GMBH, Tor Str. 178, 10115 Berlin Germany. Our registered Ust-IDNr: DE292301907.


Please contact our customer service ( Monday to Saturday from 10:00 – 19:00 ) if you have any questions or comments about HNTA®. You can reach our customer service:

Per E-Mail: contact@hnta.de

Per Post Store : HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660

Per Post COMPANY: STAHL ONE BERLIN GMBH, HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660



HNTA® keeps the right to make www.hnta.de, online shop, or parts of the website or online shop inaccessible for visitors without previous notifications. Furthermore HNTA® holds authority to restrict access to some or all parts of our website or online shop without announcements.

HNTA® will accept orders and sell only to those customers who reached legal age of majority and are over 18 years. Should you be under 18 years, please ask your parents or supervisors to carry out the order for you, according to their permission and acceptance.


Should you disagree with the current Terms and Conditions of use - please discontinue immediately the use of HNTA® website and online shop.



HNTA® website and online shop software as well as all supporting texts, policies, photographs, video and audio data are internationally protected by copyright laws. Any replication, modification or translation of HNTA® software or supporting texts, policies, photographs, video and audio data will be followed according to the law of the country where this abuse took place. We therefore strongly recommend restraining from such actions.


Please note, that all contents of HNTA® website and online shop are intellectual property of HNTA®. These contents include, but are not limited to:

- Graphics

- Photographs

- Designs

- Images

- Sounds

- Music

- Videos

- Audio Files

- Texts


Any replication, modification or use of the contents belonging to HNTA® is prohibited and will be subject to German and international law. The breach of prohibited actions may result in civil and criminal charges and punishment. Downloading or copying this website or online shop is prohibited.



HNTA® will not tolerate the breach of the forbidden actions. Should we detect any of the banned actions, they will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities. Following actions are considered to be banned at all times:


- It is forbidden to misuse and abuse HNTA® website and online shop.

- It is forbidden to spread malicious software, viruses and other harmful programmes.

- It is forbidden to spread in any way criminal and illegal information.

- It is forbidden to offend or disturb other users in any way.

- It is forbidden to damage the functionality of HNTA® website or online shop, or interfere with it..

- It is forbidden to use HNTA® to distribute any kind of advertisement.



If you wish to order products or use services provided by HNTA®, you must register yourself on our online shop website. For this purpose you are required to submit the following data: your name and last name, date of birth, address, telephone number, E-Mail and banking details. This data must be truthful and correct, otherwise we reserve the right to decline your registration as well as provision of products and services.


We would like to bring your attention to the fact, that we possess the right to change and modify accordingly the required information, necessary for registration on the HNTA® online shop.



In order to be successfully qualified as customer following criteria must be fulfilled:


- You have reached the legal age of majority and you are over 18 years old.

- You completed your registration on the HNTA® online shop website.

- You provided correct, truthful and accurate banking details, confirming that you are indeed the person mentioned in the billing address and banking details.

- Your registration was accepted by the HNTA®.


You choose to complete the registration on HNTA® online shop, you are thereby accepting, that HNTA® may use your personal information for anti fraud checks. HNTA® can reveal your personal information to credit organisations to ensure the safety of the online transactions. Hence your personal and private data may be stored within organisations, which undertake such credit checks and evaluation of the online transactions.



All HNTA® products and services are matter of availability and acceptance by HNTA®. Please note that orders placed in your shopping cart or on your wish list are not reserved exclusively for you and may be purchased by other customers. Should another customer purchase the product before you, it will disappear from your shopping cart and your wish list, which will prevent it from being placed on your invoice.


HNTA® offers advanced payment orders (back orders), when the desired product will be manufactured on your request. Customers with advanced payment order will be satisfied with first priority, when products arrive at our dispatch centre. If for some reason production of products for orders paid in advance is not possible, HNTA® will refund the payment to your account within 20 business days from discovering the production problems.


We keep the right to cancel orders with large numbers of single type products.



When your order is recognized by HNTA®, it will be immediately reflected on your personal account and confirmed by E-Mail from us. You will be able to see and download your invoice for the products or services you ordered.


After we register, that the outstanding payment is settled, your order will be confirmed on your personal account and by E-mail from HNTA®. Confirmed order marks the beginning of sales contract between you and HNTA ®, this contract is registered and takes legal power in Berlin, Germany in German language.


HNTA® keeps the right to cancel your order due to following events:

- Requested item is out of stock for unknown period of time.

- Payment has not been received or accepted within 14 days from order placement.

- The customer is not qualified to complete order.

- Current Terms and Conditions or Terms of Sale have been violated.



As soon as you complete your order and choose your preferred method of payment, HNTA® posts invoice on your personal account and sends out a copy by E-Mail.


We expect the invoice to be settled either immediately or within 14-calendar days from the order confirmation, depending on your preferred payment method.


HNTA® accepts following payment methods:

Bank transfer ( ONLY IN GERMANY )




All transactions are subject to verification with the issuer of the cards or payment solutions providers.


We recommend being very cautious while completing online payment transactions. Please keep your banking and order details secured at all times.



All prices in HNTA® online shop are in Euro, including the Value Added Tax of 19%.



If you order from outside of European Union, Value Added Tax (19%) will be removed from your invoice. Hence the orders from outside of European Union are Value Added Tax free.



Dear Customers, please note that if you are ordering from outside of European Union additional import costs, such as customs duties and import taxes may arise. Please inform yourself in advance about such costs in your local customs office. All such import costs are borne by the customer solely.



Immediately after payment confirmation is received by HNTA®, your order will be packed and prepared for the shipment, this will be done typically within 24 – 48 hours from the payment confirmation. As soon as your order is handed over to the courier company, HNTA® will notify you per E-Mail. The order information on your personal account will be updated respectively. After the order has been shipped, you can track it online. HNTA® will provide you with the tracking number of your shipment and the relevant link to the courier’s website.


HNTA® uses DHL and UPS for both national and international shipments. You are able to choose between standard and express delivery. Delivery time will vary according to the chosen delivery method.


All orders during delivery process are insured by the courier service.


Following delivery options are available: delivery time approx.+costs

Country Region/State Zip Code Delivery Time Shipping Price
DE * * 0 8 €
BG * * 0 12 €
DK * * 0 12 €
FI * * 0 12 €
FR * * 0 12 €
GR * * 0 12 €
IE * * 0 12 €
IT * * 0 12 €
HR * * 0 12 €
LU * * 0 12 €
NL * * 0 12 €
AT * * 0 12 €
PL * * 0 12 €
PT * * 0 12 €
RO * * 0 12 €
SE * * 0 12 €
SK * * 0 12 €
SI * * 0 12 €
ES * * 0 12 €
CZ * * 0 12 €
HU * * 0 12 €
GB * * 0 12 €
CY * * 0 12 €
BE * * 0 12 €
SZ * * 0 15 €
NO * * 0 15 €
AL * * 0 15 €
RS * * 0 15 €
TR * * 0 15 €
IL * * 0 15 €
LV * * 0 15 €
MT * * 0 15 €
EE * * 0 15 €
IS * * 0 15 €
US * * 0 35 €
CA * * 0 35 €
JP * * 0 35 €
RU * * 0 35 €




All products and services remain in property of HNTA® until the payment by the customer is made in full.



You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days from order confirmation without explanation of reasons according to §312g BGB.


The cancellation must be submitted in the written form to HNTA®:

Per E-Mail: contact@hnta.de

Per Post Store : HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660

Per Post COMPANY: STAHL ONE BERLIN GMBH, HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660



Should cancellation take place and order is not yet shipped to the customer, but paid by the customer in full, HNTA® will refund fully the invoice amount including the shipment costs. If the order has been successfully delivered to the customer, before HNTA® received the cancellation, the invoice will be refunded only after the products are shipped back, received and inspected by HNTA®. In such case shipment costs and costs of returns are borne by the customer and hence are refund free.



Products, which were specifically tailored to the customer.

Orders outside EU.



Please note, that all products purchased from HNTA® online shop must be returned with all original designer tags attached and placed in the original package. This includes, but not limited to leather and paper tags, all boxes, all leather and textile package bags, all paper boxes. All costs of a return have to be covered by the customer.


All returned and exchanged items must be marked with Returns Code. HNTA® will issue Returns Code upon written or E-Mail request from the customer.


HNTA® will not accept returns or exchange of the products, if the following aspects are detected:

- Original tags are not attached to the items or tags are missing

- Original package damaged or missing

- Shoe soles damaged or dirty

- Underwear or swimwear is not tried on over the underwear

- Items damaged or certain pieces are missing


Please notify HNTA® immediately, if delivered products are without original tags or original package. You can inform us:

Per E-Mail: contact@hnta.de

Per Post Store : HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660

Per Post COMPANY: STAHL ONE BERLIN GMBH, HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660


Customers are entitled to return the products or exchange them within 14 days from the time point when the customer received the order. We do not accept returns or exchange, which exceed 14 days period from the date when the customer received the order.


When returned or exchanged products reach HNTA®, you will receive confirmation per E-Mail. After checking the returned or exchanged products and within 7 business days from receiving the products back, HNTA® will refund the invoice amount to the account from which the order was paid. Shipment costs will only be refunded if the order is returned in its entirety. In case of exchange, the substituting product will be sent, matters of availability on stock, otherwise the invoice amount will be refunded within 7 business days.



Products with manufacture faults

Products with manufacture faults are considered to be products, which are damaged during the production process or when such faults occur within 6 months from purchase date. HNTA® carefully examines every single product, however cases of manufacture faults may still appear.


Please note that products, which are damaged due to wearing and tearing, are not considered to be products with manufacture faults.


We kindly ask you to notify HNTA® immediately, if delivered order is damaged. You can inform us:

Per E-Mail: contact@hnta.de

Per Post Store : HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660

Per Post COMPANY: STAHL ONE BERLIN GMBH, HNTA®, Torstrasse 178, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Per Telephone: +49 3049954660



Colour Range

We are doing our best to represent the original colours of our products in HNTA® online shop. However as computers, laptops, tablets and monitors vary in technical finish, we are not able to guarantee that colours are represented identically to the actual colour of the product.



We do not guarantee that the content of HNTA® online shop and HNTA® website is free from errors and mistakes, we also do not guarantee error free functionality of our website and online shop.



HNTA® guarantees, that the server and the contents are free from virus and malicious software. However we recommend you to update your virus protection software and programmes on regular basis.



The language of the contract between the customer and HNTA® is German.


The contract is governed by the German Federal Law.


Should any conflict or dispute arise from the contract between the customer and HNTA®, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany for all the conflicts and disputes.



Please visit our page for the Privacy Policy, this policy can be found at all times on www.hnta.de. We recommend reviewing the Privacy Policy and all related changes to it frequently.



All terms of this Terms and Conditions are independent of each other. Should one of the terms of this Terms and Conditions be deemed as unenforceable or not valid, this does not harm enforceability or validity of other terms of the current Terms and Conditions.